The Pilot's Lounge #67:
A Museum Rescues Its Aviation Collection

Celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of flight have some interesting side effects -- many aviation museums are sprucing up their old collections and making things more attractive, interactive, and interesting. AVweb's Rick Durden went back to visit the Henry Ford Museum and found an old/new friend. More

The Pilot's Lounge #66:
What Is That Thing Inside The Cowling?

When you learned how to preflight an aircraft, you probably learned to check certain items for wear or breakage, but were you ever shown examples of what things looked like when they were worn too much? Or do you just guess? AVweb's Rick Durden found a class for pilots to learn enough so they don't have to guess. More

The Pilot's Lounge #65:
One, Two, Three, Heave

Tired of touch-and-goes in the pattern and begging friends to go for a $100 hamburger? Need a challenge to re-energize your flying? Even private pilots can tow gliders, although a commercial certificate will let you do it for money. AVweb's Rick Durden lays out what it takes to help those engine-less soaring birds. More

The Pilot's Lounge #64:
It's OK

New pilots (and old hands, for that matter) sometimes need permission to do what their gut tells them, rather than trusting old wives' tales told during hangar flying sessions. Other times, the gut instinct needs to be honed with a few well-placed stories. AVweb's Rick Durden has some of both. More

The Pilot's Lounge #62:
Project D.A.R.W.I.N.

AVweb's Rick Durden has a quick way to drop the accident rate in General Aviation to zero: Get all the incompetent, nincompoop pilots -- who are just going to have accidents eventually -- to follow those disproven old wive's tales and get their accidents over in one year. Every year after that -- no accidents. More

The Pilot's Lounge #61:
So You Want To Go Into Professional Aviation

AVweb's Rick Durden recently taught a class in aviation law, and with the help of many in the Pilot's Lounge, presented the students with ideas on how to succeed, keep your sanity, and maintain your principles in the wilds of the aviation industry. More

The Pilot's Lounge #60:
Daley, Meigs And The Tyranny Of Small Minds

Like others in The Pilot's Lounge, AVweb's Rick Durden was stunned by the violent, dictatorial act that took place on the western shore of Lake Michigan. This month, Rick bemoans the triumph of fear and manipulation, and presents a call to action. More

The Pilot's Lounge #58:
An Aviation-Themed Hotel in the Heartland

There aren't a lot of places right next to an airport where those family members who are not obsessed with airplanes can have fun too. AVweb's Rick Durden took a trip away from The Pilot's Lounge and found a nice hotel with all the necessary family amenities, plus an aviation theme to boot. More