The Pilot's Lounge #57:
Greg Gorak, The Teacher's Teacher

There are flight instructors, and then there are those who LOVE to teach instructors. And those who love something are usually pretty good at it. When it's time for AVweb's Rick Durden to renew his CFI certificate, he knows right where to go for the best refresher. More

The Pilot's Lounge #56:
I Ain't Declaring No Steenkin' Emergency

Too many pilots are reluctant to declare an emergency, sometimes waiting until it is too late for help to be given. AVweb's Rick Durden knows that lots of resources and options open up to a pilot who does call "Mayday," and there are almost never negative repurcussions when they do, other than stick-in-the-mud second-guessers on the ground. More

The Pilot's Lounge #54:
Tailwheels, Part III — Full Stall or Wheel Landing?

Those of you following the series on tailwheel airplanes by AVweb's Rick's Durden have been waiting for it — at last, he's done it. Rick put on his crash helmet (not to fly but to protect himself from flying objects) and entered The Pilot's Lounge to get opinions about tailwheel landings. More

The Pilot's Lounge #53:
To Sell a Friend

It is a traumatic event to lose a member of the family; and for some pilots, an airplane is a member of the family. AVweb's Rick Durden is mourning in The Pilot's Lounge, trying to convince himself "it's only an airplane," and failing miserably. More

The Pilot's Lounge #52:
Tailwheels, Part II — The Checkout

In a previous column, AVweb's Rick Durden asked the question, " Why Not Fly Tailwheel? " If you've run out of reasons to avoid tailwheels and are ready for the challenge, Rick is in the Pilot's Lounge with some suggestions for the training you'll need. It isn't as simple as some other aircraft checkouts. More

The Pilot's Lounge #51:
Getting Your Airplane Fixed Right

Pilots always seem to have it in for mechanics. Maybe it's a leftover from dealing with difficult car mechanics, but when a professional A&P is involved, you should work with your mechanic and not against him. As AVweb's Rick Durden discusses in The Pilot's Lounge this month, it will save you more than money. More

The Pilot's Lounge #50:
Roll Your Own Flight Review

Time for your biennial flight review? The FAA isn't terribly specific about what you and your CFI should do during a BFR, so why not make it really worthwhile? AVweb's Rick Durden is back in The Pilot's Lounge, discussing why we need to do flight reviews more often and more personalized. More

The Pilot's Lounge #49:
How Many Are Going to Die, Mr. President?

The idea of a private ATC system for the U.S. has been tossed around for decades. Usually, arguments revolve around whether it would cost more or less than the current FAA-operated system. But AVweb's Rick Durden believes there is a much more serious issue at stake: More people will die if users have to pay for ATC each time they use it. More

The Pilot's Lounge #48:
Toss the FAA Deadwood

The word at the Pilot's Lounge is that the small segment of FAA personnel who are incompetent or irascible — the FAA deadwood — are contributing to the deaths of pilots and passengers. They are closing lines of communication that are essential to the success of the FAA's safety programs. The answer: toss 'em — but is it that easy? More

The Pilot's Lounge #47:
Learning to Fly Floats — The View from the Back Seat

Spring has sprung at the virtual airport and the loons are calling from remote lakes accessible only by seaplane. AVweb's Rick Durden sat down with two of the best seaplane instructors in the business to discuss how they separate the boys from the buoys. If you're thinking about ever setting down on water, intentionally, you won't want to miss this month's edition of the "Pilot's Lounge." More