Pilots Asked To Help With Hurricane Aftermath


General aviation pilots are often frustrated in their efforts to lend a hand with their aircraft after a natural disaster, but Fred Quarles, of Operation Teacup, is welcoming help from willing aircraft owners. Volunteers can expect “No pay, no thanks, hard work, little sleep, and all the alligators you want,” Quarles said this week. “The bonus is all the armadillos you want, and expenses are tax deductible.” Volunteers can visit his Web site and sign up via e-mail, and Quarles will contact you with flight assignments. Pilots are needed to fly medical evacuation flights into Texas and Louisiana and to take supplies to Haiti and the Bahamas. If volunteers have spare rooms at home, they are welcome to take home a few people and give them a dry place to stay and a few meals till things settle down and they can go home. There are about 40,000 people homeless just in the Houston area, Quarles said.

This is a big job and may last for several months. “We will have a party when the work is done,” he said. For more information, contact Quarles at (434) 220-4880.