Pilot’s Certificate Revoked (Again), This Time For In-Cockpit Sex


David Keith Martz, 52, has appealed the revocation of his certificate, which he lost after a video surfaced that allegedly shows him having sex with a Swedish adult film actress while flying a helicopter over San Diego. The revocation marks the fifth time Martz’ license has either been revoked or suspended, according to the Associated Press, which noted a prior infraction that the FAA deemed as reckless flying. In that 2006 case, “reckless” meant landing a helicopter on a Hollywood street to pick up a rock star and deliver him to a concert. Other incidents include flying too low over a residential neighborhood, landing too close to a military base, and flying with damage to his helicopter. A public hearing will be held in San Diego sometime within the next month. According to the L.A. Times, “it is unclear if the video will be shown.”

The 2007 video that became public when it was posted online by a Hollywood gossip web site, last month. After reviewing the video, the FAA claims is shows the pilot was blocked from the helicopter’s controls by the woman’s body.