Pilots Sought For Survey On Icing


If you’re a professional pilot, the folks at Decision Research are hoping you’ll take a few minutes to complete their online survey, and help NASA and the FAA to produce better training products about aircraft icing. Those agencies want to create new courses tailored to the needs of pilots who fly Part 135 and Part 91 corporate and fractional operations in piston twin, turboprop, and business jet aircraft. Your participation will help the team to determine what should be in those training modules. The survey is fairly extensive and some of the answers will require some thought. Robert Mauro, the senior research scientist for the project, told AVweb the survey should take about 20 minutes and it’s completely anonymous.

At the end of the questions, you’ll be invited to type in your e-mail address, which will enter you into a drawing to win one of several Apple iPads that will be given away to those who participate, as a thank-you for the time invested. You can also choose not to enter the drawing. Either way, Mauro said, “your responses will not be associated with you in any way. No one will be able to connect your answers with you.” The FAA plans to reinvigorate pilot education efforts regarding icing, starting with the corporate fixed-wing segment but eventually branching out to cover all segments of the pilot population, Mauro said.

Click here to take the survey.
Click here for a look at some of NASA’s icing courses that are already online.