Pilots Walk Away From R22/Bonanza Midair


Both pilots walked away after a Beech Bonanza and Robinson R22 touched in midair near Sacramento, Calif., on Sunday. The R22 lost its tail rotor in the collision but the pilot was apparently uninjured, and was sitting in the car of a bystander when rescue crews arrived. “She was a little shaken up, but she was completely with it,” Capt. Brandon Wilson of the Rio Vista Fire Department told CNN. “Initially, she didn’t want to go to the hospital.” The Bonanza continued flying for about 20 miles before the pilot made either a forced or precautionary landing in a field near Byron. He was uninjured.

The accident happened near Rio Vista Airport between Sacramento and San Francisco about 7 p.m. The helicopter came to rest in a field about eight miles south of the Rio Vista Airport. The tail rotor landed about 50 feet from the main part of the wreckage, which ended up on its side.