Piper Names New President, VPs


Piper Aircraft has shuffled the front office after the resignation of former president John Becker. Current CEO Kevin Gould will assume the presidency and that, along with some promotions from the ranks, seem to be in line with the new owners’ plan. “The expansion of Kevin’s responsibilities and the augmentation of his management team directly reflect the strategic investments we’re making in Piper’s future,” said Stephen W. Berger, Piper’s Chairman and Managing Partner of Imprimis. “Kevin has an exciting and aggressive vision for the company…. We will deliver the breakthrough Piper Jet to the market and dramatically expand Piper’s global market presence, especially in Asia. Kevin’s team has the experience and commitment to deliver on this vision and help solidify a durable global leadership position for Piper. We are prepared to support that vision with substantial new capital.”

Gould will get some help to carry out Berger and Imprimis’s plan. Four senior employees have been named vice presidents. Jeff Barger has become vice president of manufacturing operations while Dr. Dennis Olcott is the new vice president of engineering. Derek Zimmerman has been named vice president of supply chain and aftermarket development and Mary Messuti is the senior director for Asia, Piper’s identified growth area and central to Imprimis’s plans, which are financed by the government of Brunei.