Northern Hospitality »

The beer is stronger, the people are friendly to the point of being solicitous, they speak with a funny accent and the flying experiences are as varied as they are spectacular. AVweb's Russ Niles takes us through pre-flight planning for a flight into Canada. More

Careless in Seattle »

To catch a glimpse of both the history and the future of aviation, Seattle may not be the first place you'd think to visit. But with Boeing building the great airliners, volunteers restoring classics, and the Museum of Flight giving the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum a run for its money, the Emerald City has a lot to offer the aviation enthusiast. More

Bethel, Maine and Sunday River Skiing »

Pilots who love to ski often daydream about combining their passions. What could be more alluring than flying to a fantastic ski resort within minutes of an airport? If you live in the northeast U.S., stop dreaming and start planning because it is a reality and well within your range. More

Public Benefit Flying »

Instead of boring a hole in the sky in the quest of yet another $100 hamburger, have you ever considered using your flying skills and airplane to help those in need? Frequent AVweb contributor Joe Godfrey, who has been flying Angel Flight missions for eight years, explains how you can get involved and why it'll make you feel good for a lot more reasons than the tax deduction. He also tells you how to find a Public Benefit Flying organization in your area. More

Sentimental Journey: Back to Piper's Birthplace »

Each year, the Piper faithful make the pilgrimage back to the place of their loved ones' birth, Lock Haven, Pa. They come to pay homage to the type, gaze upon all the other examples bearing William T.'s name, tour the Piper Aviation Museum and, well, just celebrate flight. This year was no different, with more than 135 airplanes (of all types) flying into Lock Haven and 500 or so arriving by automobile. AVweb's Peter Yost was there and filed this report. He also came back with a bunch of images, just in case you couldn't make it this year. More

Wet and Wonderful: Flying Cross-Country on Straight Floats »

When Jason Grieff and a close friend planned to fly his Cessna 172 on straight floats from Florida to Vermont and back last summer, they knew it would be an adventure they just didn't know how much of one it would be. Flying low, staying VFR and hopping from one seaplane base or boat marina to another, they saw a bunch of the eastern U.S. and stopped in out-of-the-way places GA pilots rarely visit. As summer approaches North America, it's time to plan your own flying expedition. More

Planet Slickers: Space Camp for Adults »

Looking for some way to combine your next vacation with your favorite avocation, aviation? Maybe something beyond adding a new rating but which nonetheless includes a learning experience? Maybe ... learning what it's like to train as an astronaut on the space shuttle? If so, have we got a deal for you! AVweb contributor Ron Wanttaja recently returned from the Space Camp facility in Huntsville, Ala., after participating in a weeklong program designed strictly for adults. This is not your father's dude ranch. More

Destination Dallas: Big Doin's in Big "D" »

Think you need a pickup truck, a Stetson hat and a pair of snake-and-ostrich-skin cowboy boots to have big time in Big D? AVweb's own Liz Swaine says it probably wouldn't hurt but don't come to Dallas thinking you're going to meet Hoss Cartwright. Nowadays, you'll be just as likely to be sitting next to an investment banker as a cowboy as you're digging into a plate of ribs at a Dallas BBQ joint. Big D is big fun, though, and well worth a trip or ten. Liz lives just up V566 in Shreveport, La., and has made quite a few Dallas excursions. She reports even those people who reside in Dallas will never be able to experience all that this incredible city on the Texas plains has to offer. More