Gettysburg — A Flight to History »

Within about an hour's flight of most population centers in the Northeast, Gettysburg is one of the most accessible and most interesting and moving Civil War historical sites. A visit offers an opportunity to explore both the battlefield, site of the largest, fiercest and deadliest battle in the war, as well as the National Cemetery, made famous by the "few appropriate remarks" of a guest invited at the last minute to its consecration ceremony. The airport experience is nothing short of charming and delightful. More

Unlimited Air Racing at Reno '96 »

A pictorial play-by-play of unlimited-class action at the year's top air racing event by AVweb's on-the-scene race experts. More

NASA Ames Research Center Vertical Motion Simulator »

If your travels take you to the San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to stop by the NASA Ames Research Center in Sunnyvale and take a tour. For pilots, one of the most interesting sights at Ames is the world's largest full-motion flight simulator, 120 feet high, that is used to train pilots to fly everything from fighters to helicopters to the Space Shuttle. More

Saratoga Springs, New York »

Exciting and elegant, Saratoga Springs is a marvelous fly-in destination best known as the horse racing capitol of the Northeast. The 1996 racing season extends from July 26th to Labor Day. Besides the racetrack, the city features a wonderful performing arts center, several fascinating museums, and plenty of places to stay and eat. More

Soaring in Both Hemispheres »

Veteran airman Phil Rowe's fond recollection of learning to fly gliders in Tehachapi, California, and then years later having the opportunity to attend the Australian Gliding Federation instructor school. More

Oshkosh '93 Adventure »

No matter how many times I fly to Oshkosh for the annual EAA Fly-In, the experience never seems to be entirely routine. My trip to Oshkosh in 1993 was a perfect example. Severe storms, IFR weather, a serious mechanical problem, and an unplanned visit to Canada made it one Oshkosh I'll never forget. More

My Flying Vacation to Mexico »

Detailed account of a November 1994 flying vacation trip by Cessna 210 from Dallas to Puerto Vallarta and Baja California, including an extensive discussion of the regulations, procedures, and special operational considerations for lightplane flying in Mexico. More

Tangier Island, Virginia »

A delightful Chesapeake Bay getaway for relaxing at a Bed & Breakfast, beaches, bicycles, and ingesting mass quantities of fresh-baked crabcakes. More

Alaska Flying Vacation Diary »

Diary of your editor's fabulous 1989 flying vacation trip to Alaska. A detailed account of the best flying vacation he's ever had. If you're thinking about flying to Alaska, take notes. More

Washington, DC — National Airport »

If you're visiting the District, the unique close-in location of Washington National Airport is impossible to beat. It's a very busy airport with some unusual procedures, and the fuel and parking fees aren't exactly cheap. But don't let that scare you off. More