Plane Crash, Pilot Unconscious, Or Hoax


Search and rescue crews worked into the night Saturday, searching for a plane that they’re not sure crashed in the mountains near Stanford, Calif. Confused early reports appear to suggest that two distress calls were made: one, pre-crash via radio; the other, post-crash through 911. In one of those communications, the caller stated that the pilot was unconscious. FAA spokesman Ian Gregor told The Associated Press Saturday that a person radioed the initial call over “an emergency air traffic frequency” around noon on Saturday. A separate report in the San Jose Mercury News stated that a person believed to have been in the plane called 911 after the crash. Rescue crews searching three counties had found nothing by the time we went to press on Sunday.

Gregor told The Associated Press that the FAA had not received any reports of an active emergency locator beacon in the area and were not yet aware of any missing airplanes. As of Sunday, authorities searching the Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Cruz, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties still did not know if the radio and 911 calls were legitimate.