PlaneSmart Notes Tax Savings Window


Sales marketing through education about tax depreciation — it’s the angle PlaneSmart! is apparently using to push for sales in shares of its SR22-G3 Turbo aircraft. “If you buy a share of an SR22-G3 Turbo by September 30, you could enjoy depreciation deductions of up to 20 percent on your 2007 income taxes!” And by the end of next year, “your cumulative depreciation will equal 52 percent,” according to the company. Presumably, there are deductions available for purchases of other aircraft, too (check with your favorite tax professional). Those unable to make a purchase this year can still realize a 43-percent depreciation deduction in 2008, says PlaneSmart!. The company’s fractional ownership program offers equity ownership and access to a fleet of identically equipped aircraft, along with the standard “completely hassle free experience for owners.” Your mileage may vary.