Pogo To Launch With Eclipse 500 Fleet


As the first air-charter companies flying very light jets line up along the starting gate, Pogo, led by former American Airlines CEO Robert Crandall, has been closely watched. At first the company said it would fly Adam 700 jets, then revised that, saying none of the new VLJs nearing certification quite fit its needs. Back in May, Pogo President Cameron Burr confirmed to AVweb that Eclipse 500 jets would make up its fleet. Recently, the company filed papers for an Initial Public Offering that said operations will begin in early 2009 with a fleet of 25 Eclipse jets, which will grow to 100 by 2011. The company Web site says it will offer charter services at about $2,000 per hour block time, along with jet-card and lease-back options. All trips will be flown with a two-pilot crew. The jets initially will be based in Western Massachusetts and offer service within a 600-mile radius of New York City, a region that includes over 700 GA airports. Linear Air, based at Bedford Field just outside of Boston, has already taken delivery of its first Eclipse jet, though service hasn’t yet started. Linear Air says a 300-mile day trip for four passengers in the jet, flying 345 mph, will cost $3,590. DayJet, in Florida, also has taken delivery of three Eclipse jets, and has said operations should start soon.