Precision Airmotive: No Ready Solution to Carb Shipments


In Monday’s news and podcast, we reported that Precision Airmotive, supplier of MSA carburetors and parts for Lycoming, Continental and Franklin engines might be on the verge of a solution to resume shipping those products in a few weeks. Not so, says Scott Grafenauer, Precision’s president. Grafenauer told us Monday evening that Precision stopped shipping MSA carbs and parts on November 1 not because it can’t afford liability insurance but because it can’t find coverage at any cost. Grafenauer said a Precision spokesman who alluded to a short-term solution in our Monday podcast misspoke. “We’re looking at all options. We’re open to anything at this point,” Grafenauer said, but thus far, the company has nothing firm to report. The impact of Precision’s withdrawal from the market-temporary or not-could be dramatic, since some 100,000 aircraft use MSA carbs.