Probable Cause #56: Night Shift »

Flying VFR at night can be very safe and enjoyable, but not when you're in the mountains. More

Probable Cause #55: Now What? »

Before you shoot an approach, know what you're going to do when you get to the missed-approach point. A Bonanza pilot apparently didn't and paid for it with his life. More

Probable Cause #53: Untimely Distraction »

A Caravan pilot stalls and crashes during a critical phase of the approach. A caution light may have drawn his attention from flying the airplane. More

Probable Cause #51: Too Many Approaches »

Caught by weather that was worse than anticipated, a Baron pilot has trouble getting established and eventually runs out of options. More

Probable Cause #49: Distraction »

When things start to go wrong, fly the airplane first. Don't let tunnel vision steer you down the wrong path. More

Probable Cause #48: Mountain Waves »

Even though the weather may be clear, when flying in the mountains, what you can't see can bite you. More

Probable Cause #47: Departure Denial »

While it's natural to focus on the weather at the destination, it's important not to overlook what's happening at the departure airport. More