Probable Cause #46: Miles To Go »

An experienced pilot botches a nighttime ILS to minimums. Is that all there is to it? More

Probable Cause #45: Out of Position »

A Skylane pilot crashes during a foggy ILS approach. Is it possible his HSI was showing data from the wrong navigation source? More

Probable Cause #43: Into the Water »

A Baron pilot flies into Lake Ontario on an approach in foggy conditions, proving that CFIT accidents can happen in the flattest of places. More

Probable Cause #41: Scud Run »

Did a pilot break off an approach with the hopes of finding another airport? If he did, all he found was trouble. More

Probable Cause #39: Almost Home »

A Baron slams into the ground just short of the runway. Did lights from a nearby parking lot and store help bring down the airplane? More

Probable Cause #37: Approach Unauthorized »

A pilot intent on landing at a particular airport loses control, despite ATC warnings that the approach he wants to fly is not available. More