Probable Cause #35: Beyond The Rules »

Although the weather was below minimums, a Part 135 Caravan pilot tries the approach, breaking more than just the regulations. More

Probable Cause #34: Complacency Kills »

A low-time pilot elects to fly into deteriorating weather at night and without an Instrument Rating. The result was predictable. More

Probable Cause #33: Fatigued On Final »

A check hauler crashes short of the airport after having been on duty for nearly 16 hours, eight of them in the airplane. More

Probable Cause #32: Incomplete Briefing »

Complicated weather patterns demand a full and complete weather briefing for anything but a casual flight in the airport vicinity. Here's why. More

Probable Cause #31: Test Pilot »

A pilot picking up an airplane from maintenance discovers a problem after takeoff. Could better planning and weather have changed the outcome? More

Probable Cause #30: Extra Attention »

Despite warning signs of course excursions, controllers failed to give a pilot the extra attention he obviously required while shooting an approach in a technically advanced aircraft. More

Probable Cause #28: Scud Run Gone Bad »

A daylight scud run in a slow airplane is risky enough. This accident reveals how deadly it can be at night in a fast airplane. More

Probable Cause #27: Never Established »

A Seneca pilot crashes 2,000 feet from the runway on a low IFR night. The pilot may have thought he was proficient, but was he really? More