Probable Cause #26: Four Minutes »

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Probable Cause #24: Ice Box »

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Probable Cause #23: Unnatural Selection »

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Probable Cause #21: No Pulling Over »

When the tanks run dry, there's no stopping on the side of the road. Yet some pilots are willing to push the limits, even when they had ample warning. More

Probable Cause #20: Switching Tanks »

It's an article of faith that major maintenance work isn't complete until a full test of all components and systems can be made. Here's why. More

Probable Cause #19: Fuel And The IFR Pilot »

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Probable Cause #18: Greater of Evils »

When faced with a series of difficult decisions, pilots often choose the lesser of the evils presented. Sometimes, they choose wrong. Did this Instrument-rated pilot choose the lesser of the evils? More