Paul Berge »

Oh sure, pilots have the FARs and the AIM, and controllers have the 7110.65, to tell us what we must do and can't do. But where do you go -- besides AVweb -- to find out how the ATC system really works out on the firing line -- like VFR climbs and descents, approach gates and tight turns to the marker? IFR magazine. Paul Berge hung up his ATC headset after 13 years at Des Moines tower, and now edits and writes for IFR . Before that he worked towers and scopes in California, earned a degree in European History, ran a pharmacy, wrote four aviation-themed novels, and co-produced 80 episodes of radio drama, and he still hosts Sideroads on Living in Iowa on public TV. This month, AVweb's Joe Godfrey talks with Paul about being a pilot, being a controller, and how we can all get along. More

Jim Slade »

Jim Slade covered the space program from Alan Shepard's launch in 1961 through his retirement last year. His 40 years of reporting took him from the US-USSR race to the moon, through the collapse of the Soviet Union, all the way to the Russians raising money through recreational space travel. Fresh from his appearance at AirVenture Oshkosh '02, Jim talks with AVweb 's Joe Godfrey about NASA, news coverage of the space program, and the genius of the Wright Brothers. More

Hazel Sig »

Did your interest in flying start with building model airplanes? Hazel Sig and her late husband Glen started Sig Manufacturing Company in 1951, and over 48 years shipped truckloads full of balsa and R/C parts all over the world. In March she turned 80 and still flies her signature blue-and-white clipped-wing Cub and the Spacewalker which she co-built. In this month's Profile AVweb 's Joe Godfrey talks with Hazel about flying aerobatics, teaching in taildraggers, and R/C models. More

Merrill Wien »

If you're the type of pilot who would give up a ride on the space shuttle to log a few thousand hours flying big, round-engined piston airplanes around Alaska, you'll enjoy this month's AVweb Profile. Merrill Wien's father Noel practically invented bush flying. Merrill talks with AVweb's Joe Godfrey about flying for Pan Am, the Air Force, and Wien Alaska Airlines; flying with Lowell Thomas Sr. and Jr.; and flying the CAF's B-29 "Fifi" and C-46s. Merrill also explains why some singles are safer than twins, and offers tips for the next time you need to land your Otter on a glacier in "The Last Frontier." More

AVweb Remembers R. Scott Puddy:
November 28, 1956 — June 18, 2002

Scott Puddy contributed many articles about flying to AVweb in recent years (see the list below), and also worked as our features editor. His enthusiasm for aviation and his intensity in pursuing it were simply extraordinary. Even more extraordinary was his dedication to sharing his passion for flying with others, by teaching and writing. He touched a lot of lives, undoubtedly saved many, and his legacy of written words will continue to do both for many years to come. Scott's warmth, wit, and keen intelligence will be missed by all who knew him and worked with him. More

Wally Roberts »

After his stint in the Air Force and before he became a TWA Captain, Wally Roberts studied accounting. That led to an interest in the details of terminal instrument approach procedures -- TERPs -- which led to his becoming chairman of the Air Line Pilots Association TERPs committee. In this month's Profile, AVweb's Joe Godfrey talks with Wally about how instrument approaches are born, how he got his own final approach fix at El Monte, Calif., and his latest crusade to release MVAs -- minimum vectoring altitudes -- to the pilot community. More

Myron Collier »

Did you ever wonder what happened to the airplane you soloed in? Myron Collier wondered enough to track down the Luscombe he soloed in on his 16th birthday and flew it on his 66th birthday. In this month's Profile, AVweb's Joe Godfrey talks with Myron about his 34 years as the Chief Pilot of Cyclops Corporation, being awarded NBAA's Doswell Award, and Lazy Rudder Syndrome. More

Mike Nolan »

"A 13-hour day with a seven-hour lunch" is how Mike Nolan describes his day. Five days a week he flies two three-hour shifts over LA broadcasting what he sees on the crowded freeways below to listeners of KFI 640 AM and KOST 103.5 FM. Even more amazing is that he's had this job for 16 years in the mercurial world of radio, where jobs change like the wind. In this month's Profile AVweb's Joe Godfrey talks with Mike about his 28,000 hours, the vanishing breed of pilot/reporters, and how he dealt with the TFRs over LA after September 11th. More

Bob Buck »

Bob Buck calls it "the fire: a burning desire to know everything there is to know about aviation." The fire began burning in him when he built and soloed a glider at age 15, burned through speed and distance records set in his teens, through his 37 years at TWA, through weather research in a B-17G and a P-61, and it still burns at age 88. In this month's Profile, AVweb's Joe Godfrey talks with the author of "Weather Flying," "Flying Know How," "The Art of Flying," "The Pilot's Burden" and his latest book "North Star Over My Shoulder -- A Flying Life," which publishes next month. More

John Baker »

John Baker spent most of his career on Capitol Hill. He never ran for office, but he never ran from a fight. Baker flew and taught gunnery in the Air Force, graduated with honors from law school, became the first air-crash attorney at the Department of Justice, was a program manager at Grumman, and handled congressional relations for the FAA. But he's best known for his 13 years battling Congress and the FAA as President of AOPA. In this month's Profile, AVweb's Joe Godfrey talks with John about pilots and politics. More