Dave Oglesbee »

Like a lot of us, Dave Oglesbee's interest in aviation began with RC airplanes. His dad gave him a chance at the real thing, and Dave took it, becoming a private pilot, an Army helicopter pilot, a pilot for the Marion County, Fla. Sheriff's Department, and Chief Pilot for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Agency. He's now working to develop a system for recognizing the contributions of law enforcement associations around the country. In this month's Profile Dave talks with AVweb's Joe Godfrey about flying low and slow for the Army, flying prisoners for the Sheriff, night-vision training in Black Hawks, and spotting alligator nests from the air. More

Scott Crossfield »

Scott Crossfield was the first pilot to fly the X-15. He was the first pilot to fly at Mach 2 and (unofficially) the first to fly at Mach 3 successfully. That was the ascent phase of a 60-year career that took him from general aviation through the Navy, Ike's military-industrial complex at NACA, the airline business at Eastern, manufacturing and research at North American and Hawker-Siddley, politics on the House Transportation committee, and back to general aviation as a Cessna 210 owner. With a list of awards and recognitions longer than a dry lake bed, Scott has been a lifelong advocate for aviation education, and just last week presented the 16th annual A. Scott Crossfield Aerospace Teacher of the Year Award. In this month's Profile AVweb's Joe Godfrey talks with Scott about aeronautics, space, and general aviation: where we are, where we're going, and where we should be. More

Barb MacLeod »

Barb MacLeod led a life of adventure exploring and mapping Mayan caves in the jungles of Belize that hadn't seen human life in 1,500 years, but she was terrified of flying. She confronted and conquered the phobia, and is now a full-time teacher of primary and aerobatic flight instruction in Austin, Texas. She also earned a Ph.D. in Anthropology, specializing in ancient Maya hieroglyphic decipherment. In this month's Profile, Barb talks with AVweb's Joe Godfrey about how she overcame the fear of flying, teaching aerobatic instruction, the day she spun an Aerobat through 52 consecutive rotations, the songs she has written about flying, and what's in those caves. More

Ray Dolby »

Ray Dolby was elated after his first flight at age 14, and decided that someday he would learn to fly. He got busy with his education, spent two years in India with UNESCO, then invented and patented the ubiquitous noise reduction system that carries his name. When Ray returned to flying in 1990, 43 years after his first flight, he immersed himself in it. He holds a commercial certificate with instrument, seaplane, multi-engine and helicopter ratings, owns a Pilatus PC-12, an Enstrom 480 and a Cessna T-206 and flies them all frequently. In this month's Profile AVweb's Joe Godfrey talks with Ray about learning to fly later in life and the Dolby fleet, and Ray shares his thoughts on his 1998 circling-approach-at-night accident at Truckee that totaled his TBM 700. More

Mike Fizer's Tips on Air-to-Air Photography »

In a special supplement to his profile here on AVweb, aviation photographer Mike Fizer offers some tips to help you improve your own air-to-air photo skills. More

Mike Fizer »

Mike Fizer got a camera for his 15th birthday. A few days later he was shooting pictures when an airborne motocross bike landed on him and sent him to the hospital. That put an end to his plans of following his father's footsteps as an Air Force fighter pilot, but it gave him a new interest: photography. Mike interned for noted aviation photographer Paul Bowen, started his own photography business in 1983, worked for Flying magazine for four years, and has been staff photographer for AOPA Pilot magazine since 1988. In this months' Profile, AVweb's Joe Godfrey talks with Mike about the art and science of aviation photography, and Mike shares his tips about how to improve the pictures you take. More