Lyle Prouse »

Some folks never get a second chance. And some folks don't do much better with the second chance than they did with the first. Northwest Airlines Captain Lyle Prouse never thought he'd fly again after being convicted of flying under the influence of alcohol. But he asked for a second chance, re-earned his wings and retired at age 60 from the left seat of a 747. Since retiring he gives second chances to others by flying Angel Flights in his Piper Warrior. Celebrating 10 years of sobriety, Lyle talks with AVweb's Joe Godfrey about the flight that made headlines, the journey back to the cockpit, and the route from alcholism to recovery. More

Henry Kisor »

When Chicago Sun-Times book editor Henry Kisor turned 53, he decided to learn how to fly and take a solo airplane trip across America. He faced the typical challenges of learning at middle age, plus one extra hurdle: He has been completely deaf since age three. Henry got his license, bought an airplane, planned and flew the trip, and wrote a book about it. In this month's Profile, Henry recalls preparing for and flying his cross-country VFR adventure patterned after the 1911 flight of Cal Rodgers's Vin Fiz. More

Cliff Robertson »

Academy award winner and TV star Cliff Robertson is as comfortable in the air as on the air. When he's not acting or directing in movies or TV, you'll find him flying or promoting aviation or winning an award for doing one or the other. In this month's Profile, Cliff talks with AVweb's Joe Godfrey about his prolific career on both sides of the camera, his collection of airplanes, and his lifelong passion for flying. More

Burt Rutan »

The dictionary defines "visionary" as "one who indulges in fanciful theories," and while Burt Rutan certainly does that, he also turns those theories into flying machines. From canards to composites, his theories have changed the way airplanes look and function. He shares theories, memories, visions and a bit of philosophy in this month's Profile. More

Jay Perrin »

Shortly before the end of the last century we talked to Alan Vangee, the veteran CFI that guided a Cessna 152 to safe landing in Plant City, Fla., with a spinning prop 18 inches from his face attached to a Piper Cadet that landed on top of his Cessna. Now it's time to hear from the pilot of the Piper, 19-year-old private pilot Jay Perrin. Jay was on the first leg of a VFR solo cross-country building time for his instrument rating. Jay, who is studying aviation technology and hopes to become a corporate pilot, spoke with AVweb's Joe Godfrey about the landing he'll never forget. More

Rod Machado »

Rod Machado offers this tongue-in-cheek definition of preignition: the ability to see sparks from the future. It's hard to imagine how dry aviation and flight instruction might be without his fresh approach that keeps pilots laughing while they learn. In this month's Profile, Rod talks with AVweb's Joe Godfrey about his early days in the left and right seats, the lesson plans he wrote for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2000, and gives tips for checkrides and once-in-a-while pilots, along with generous helpings of his trademark humor. More

Alan Vangee »

Fly the airplane! Whatever happens, fly the airplane! That's what CFIs drill into us from our first run-up. CFI Alan Vangee got a chance to practice what he preaches when a Piper Cadet landed on top of the Cessna 152 in which he was instructing on Saturday, December 11. As AVweb reported, he guided the newfangled "Cess-per" to the ground with no loss of life, no injuries, no fire and only minimal damage to both airplanes. If there's a "Nerves of Steel" award he should get it. Since as far as we can tell, Alan has logged the most time in a 152 carrying another airplane piggyback, AVweb's Joe Godfrey asked him for some details about the event. Don't miss this special Profile. More

Eleanor Wagner »

"Orchid" was the notation that TWA employees of the late '40s used for reservations made by Howard Hughes. Chuck Yeager and Pete Everest took off in the dark using a bus for runway lights. Actress Swoozie Kurtz is named for her father's airplane. In this month's Profile, Eleanor Wagner chats with AVweb's Joe Godfrey about the Early Birds, the WASPs, Howard Hughes, Paul Mantz, the Salton Sea speed runs, and shares more stories about some of the more colorful characters in aviation. More

Henry Haigh »

Creativity may come from thinking outside the box, but if you fly outside the box in competitive aerobatics, you're history. Henry Haigh flew inside the box well enough to win the World Aerobatic Championship in 1988, at age 64. Fresh from last month's induction into the IAC Hall of Fame, Henry talks with AVweb's Joe Godfrey about representing the U.S., the airplanes he built and flew, and his twenty years of competitive yanking and banking. More

Paul Poberezny »

Every pilot, performer, exhibitor, camper, overworked controller and brat vendor at AirVenture Oshkosh '99 has one person to thank ... Paul Poberezny. Without his dedication to bringing the aviation community together in one place, this might just be another dog day in the upper Midwest. Fresh from his enshrinement last Saturday in the National Aviation Hall Of Fame, "Red One" talks with AVweb's Joe Godfrey about friends, family, flying, airplanes, and the tradition he began 46 years ago. More