P&WC Offers European Eclipse 500 Engine Program


The PW610F powerplant, currently flown on Eclipse 500 very light jets, will now enjoy extended support in Europe, according to engine maker Pratt & Whitney Canada. The company has announced it will offer its Eagle Service Plan (ESP) to European operators and is initiating the program’s rollout with a “10 percent discount on the hourly rate for the first 1,000 hours of operation,” which is eligible for operators who enroll before acquiring 200 hours total time. The plan allows operators to “virtually eliminate the risk of high-cost sur prises” and more effectively manage routine maintenance expenses. Participating operators may select from four levels of coverage paid on a monthly basis and based on operating hours of covered aircraft. Coverage ranges from complete coverage of scheduled overhauls, hot-sections and “basic unscheduled engine and accessory maintenance” to coverage of life-cycle-limited parts, removal and installation costs and freight if an engine or parts need to be shipped.