Quest Delivers First Kodiak Aircraft For Mission Work


When Quest Aircraft launched its Kodiak design back in 2005, the company said it was motivated by a need to support missionary activities in remote places around the world. This week, that goal has been fulfilled with the delivery of Kodiak serial number 008 to JAARS Inc., the first mission or humanitarian customer to take delivery of one of the 10-place turboprops. JAARS was originally formed in Peru in 1948, where it was known as the Jungle Aviation And Radio Service, and provides support to Wycliffe Bible Translators, a group that aims to translate the Bible into thousands of languages. “We looked into the future of aviation for a safe, effective solution to our passengers’ unique transportation requirements,” said David Reeves, president of JAARS, who took delivery of the airplane in Sandpoint, Idaho, on Monday. “The Kodiak is well-poised to meet the challenging needs of the translation community in remote operations.” The airplane burns Jet A, which is much easier to find in many remote locations than the avgas that powers much of JAARS’ current fleet of aging piston airplanes. Kodiak No. 008 will spend the next several months in the U.S. for pilot training and then will be exhibited at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wis., this summer before heading for its new base of operations in Papua New Guinea.

Wycliffe translators are working on 190 different language projects in PNG, a small tropical country just north of Australia, and the Kodiak will provide transportation in the country’s rugged mountains and remote coastal areas.