RAAS Service Bulletins Available For Citations…


Cessna announced it has released final Service Bulletins for the new Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS), an upgrade to installed Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) equipment. Upgrading to RAAS involves installing a PCMCIA card that activates additional features in the existing Mark V and VII EGPWS computer 219-219 software. Cessnas Citation Service Center network will perform the RAAS installation and associated certification for all Citation Bravos (model 550), Citation Encores (model 560), Citation Excels (model 560XL), and Citation Xs (model 750). According to Cessna, the RAAS upgrade provides operators improved situational awareness and helps lower the probability of runway incursions. In Cessnas implementation, RAAS alerts provide timely aural advisories to the flight crew during taxi, takeoff, final approach, landing and rollout. Using GPS data, RAAS issues advisories based on aircraft position when compared to airport locations stored in the EGPWS runway database. For more information, contact any Cessna Citation Service Centers RAAS representative via e-mail at .