Red Bull Racer ‘Skips’ On Detroit River

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Australian Red Bull competitor Matt Hall narrowly escaped disaster Saturday when he stalled and hit the Detroit River during qualifying for the Windsor, Ontario, race. Video supplied by Red Bull shows Hall’s left wing and main landing gear hitting the water coming out of a turn but he fortunately had enough energy to keep flying and was able to recover. “I felt I was having a fairly good run,” Hall said. “I might have skipped twice on the water. It’s a very disappointing result for me. It’s the motor racing equivalent of touching the wall.” Well, if you say so. Hannes Arch won the race, Sunday, and Paul Bonhomme was second.

The “skipping” tore a wheel pant off and damaged a wing but Hall said he’ll race again soon. “The main damage is on the right aileron,” Hall said. “I think the plane is not that badly damaged. It is going to be a matter of replacing parts.” Hall is a former Australian air force pilot who flew combat missions in Iraq with the U.S. Air Force. “Everyone in aviation has been in some fairly tight situations before. I’ve been in tight situations before. I’m disappointed in myself for putting myself in that situation. We’re okay but we’ll move on from that. Everything’s fine.” Britain’s Nigel Lamb was first in qualifying.

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