Report: Control Error Possible In Brazil’s Worst Crash


A throttle lever on the A320 that crashed after overrunning the runway in Sao Paulo, Brazil, last month may have been in “accelerate” position when it should have been in “reverse” position, Reuters reported on Wednesday. Reuters cited flight-recorder transcripts published in a Brazilian newspaper. The airline, TAM, has already said that one of the aircraft’s thrust reversers was inoperative. In that case, both throttle levers should have been in the “idle” position during approach to the airport and in the “full reverse” position on the runway, according to the Brazilian news report. Airbus issued a safety advisory last week stressing the need for pilots to follow proper landing procedures when a thrust reverser is not working, Reuters said. All 187 people on board the airliner and at least 12 on the ground were killed in the July 17 crash. It was the country’s worst aviation accident.