Ragwing Repair Choices »

Each system has its pros and cons, but our top pick is Poly Fiber. However, the shop's skills may matter more than the material itself. More

Cockpit Smoke Hoods »

Our trials revealed that all three perform well, although Parat-C is our first choice. But you'll need to train and practice to handle them well in a real emergency. More

LightSPEED Zulu Headset Review »

Is LightSPEED's new ANR headset good enough -- quiet, cool, comfortable -- to unseat Bose from the top of the class? More

Gadget Mounts: RAM Takes Top Honors »

Versa-True has more positioning flexibility but RAM's gadget cradle is superior and it costs half as much. Best value is the RAM suction mount. More

Flight Review: Garmin GPSMap 496 »

Last year at Oshkosh, Garmin dropped the weather bomb on pilot nerds with the GPSMAP396, the first integrated, portable navigator with XM weather and music capabilities. Built on the 296 platform, it was faster, more capable and so feature rich that you might get through War and Peace before finishing the user's manual. Now comes the 496, again built on a familiar platform -- it is pin-for-pin compatible with the 296/396 models, and is in the same waterproof plastic case -- with a faster update rate and a host of new features and seemingly innocuous (but ultimately useful) system refinements. Kitplanes editor Mark Cook shares his thoughts on the new wonderbox -- and insights after a first flight... More

AOPA Commander for Microsoft Flight Simulator »

If you didn't win that great Commander 112 from AOPA's sweepstakes this year, AOPA has a consolation prize: You can fly that plane -- and try out its glass cockpit -- on Microsoft Flight Simulator. John Ruley has our review of this aircraft add-on from Flight1 Software. More

Garmin GPSMAP 396 »

Navigation, weather and entertainment, all in a portable package. Here are some brief impressions of this impressive product that may be in short supply at Oshkosh. More

Telex Airman 850 »

You've moved on to heavier iron, and now you want to ditch the clunky old headset for one of those fancy, light-as-a-feather headsets you see the pros wear in the movies. Too bad the cockpit is too loud for you to hear anything. Enter the Telex Airman 850, a lightweight headset with the benefits of the latest ANR technology yet requiring no batteries to operate. Jeremy Jankowski puts the newest entry to the market to the test. More

Carbon Monoxide Detectors »

Very few pilots carry any sort of carbon-monoxide (CO) detector when they fly, except perhaps the el-cheapo chemical spot detectors that leave much to be desired. Mike Busch analyzes the CO-related accident history, discusses the medical aspects of CO poisoning, and evaluates the various kinds of CO detectors available for under $100. Note: Updated November 2003 to reflect changes in available products. More

Some Great, Cheap Electronics for Pilots »

Long GA flights require special planning and, sometimes, special equipment. During a recent transcontinental trip, Mike Busch had the opportunity to fly with some new electronic gadgets -- each priced well under $1,000 -- and found them too terrific not to share. More