Howie Keefe's Air Chart Systems »

For pilots who fly long cross-country trips from time to time, charts can be both a major expense and a major headache. Howie Keefe's innovative system of bound aviation chart atlases might just be the best way to go for a lot of us. Don't be put off by Howie's magazine ads like I was...the Air Chart atlases and update service are remarkably well done, very convenient to use and update, and could save you several hundred bucks a year compared to NOS and Jeppesen. Now much improved with full-color topo charts and 4-week updates. More

Announced at NBAA 1998: Cessna's 21st Century Jets »

At NBAA 1998 in Las Vegas, the world's most prolific manufacturer of business jets laid out its strategy for remaining the dominant player well into the next century. In the largest new product announcement in the company's history, Cessna unveiled two all-new Citation models the entry-level CJ2 and the mid-size Sovereign plus major facelifts for two existing models the CitationJet gets a glass cockpit to become the CJ1, and the 560/V/Ultra is succeeded by a re-engined Citation Ultra Encore. Cessna's Citation menu thus grows to a mind-bending eight models, ranging from the world's fastest-selling bizjet (the $3.5 million Mach .67 CJ1) to the world's fastest-moving one (the $17 million Mach .92 Citation X). AVweb's Mike Busch offers specs, prices, pictures and first impressions. More

The Ryan TCAD: Collision Avoidance on a Budget »

Every pilot wants the peace of mind provided by an on-board collision avoidance system, but unless you fly an airliner or bizjet, TCAS is probably out of the question. There are less expensive alternatives, however. A few months ago, AVweb publisher Carl Marbach installed a Ryan TCAD model 9900 in his Aerostar 601P which itself involved some nasty surprises and since then has been putting the unit through its paces. Carl describes what it's like to fly with this device, and discusses whether or not it's worth the money. More

The II Morrow SL 40 Comm Transceiver »

What could be more ho-hum than a panel-mount comm transceiver? If it's II Morrow's new slimline SL 40 radio, don't be so sure. Our shop recently installed one in an AVweb member's Cessna and found out that this isn't just your run-of-the-mill comm. More

The II Morrow GX55 Panel-Mount GPS »

Amidst all the attention on GPS handhelds and all the confusion about the future of WAAS and its impact on existing approach-certified GPS receivers, II Morrow's new GX55 is the most exciting panel-mount GPS we've seen yet. Its highly-legible built-in moving map display puts the Bendix/King KLN-89 and -90 to shame. Best of all, the price is right (about $3000) and the unit is a simple slide-in replacement for older II Morrow Lorans and FlyBuddy GPSs (no tray or wiring changes, just a new antenna). More