Robert Cameron, Aerial Photographer, Dies


Those drawn to flight at least in part because of the unique visual perspective it provides lost an advocate Tuesday in the passing of aerial photographer Robert Cameron, who died at the age of 98. Famous for his “Above” series of 15 coffee table books, Cameron’s view of the world was immortalized in overhead images shot from aircraft. The cities his work made more famous include New York, London, Paris, Mexico City and San Francisco, which itself was the subject of a four-volume series titled “Above San Francisco.” Cameron’s most popular photography was created in the later years of his life and his work continued until just three months before his death. Cameron suffered from macular degeneration and was nearly blind for that last flight, having minimal vision in his right eye and none at all in his left, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Cameron’s surviving relatives have a special request for his fans.

Cameron’s show, titled Environmental Journey, includes 59 giant photographic murals that showcase environmentally friendly practices across the Pacific Rim. That show is on display through November at the Metreon shopping center located in downtown San Francisco. Cameron’s surviving relatives hope you’ll stop by, or visit his work online.