Rocket Racing League Announces “Inaugural Show”


As of Tuesday, the Tulsa Air and Rocket Racing Show is scheduled for April 24 at the Tulsa International Airport. Rocket racing came out most publicly, loud fiery and fast, at AirVenture Oshkosh, back in 2008 (see our July 29, 2008 introductory video here) where early demonstration aircraft flew solo for the crowd. Tuesday, Tulsa’s NewsOn6 reported that it had “learned Tulsa will be the first location for a race” but also wrote that the Tulsa Air and Space Museum “would not confirm the report.” What the museum did confirm is that the April 24 event will “unveil a lot of new technology” and “some capability that the Rocket racing league will show publicly for the first time.” As for the Rocket Racing League, its latest press release states that the city will host an “inaugural QuickTrip Air & Rocket Racing show.”

The Rocket Racing League plans to feature multiple races across the country, featuring as many as 10 aircraft flying four-lap heats on a five-mile closed circuit. So far, just six teams are featured on the League’s Web site. The League rolled out with Mark-1 Rocker Racers, a highly modified Velocity XL FG airframe produced by Velocity, Inc.. Those aircraft were powered by a 2,000-plus pound thrust liquid oxygen and ethanol engine (a product of Armadillo Aerospace). But in late 2009, the League began testing the Mark-II X-Racer, which may be featured at the Tulsa event. Racers are guided through the track by in-panel and in-helmet 3D race course presentations and are tracked in real time on large projection screens. Those and other feeds will also go out online and via television, according to the League, so that fans can watch from their homes around the world.