Rolls-Royce Presents Helicopter Forecast


From 2009 through 2018, Rolls-Royce predicts deliveries to total roughly 15,000 turbine helicopters. The new number represents a 5-percent increase from the company’s February 2008 forecast and that uptick is entirely due to an expected increase in civil helicopter deliveries. Over the next 10 years, the civil market is expected to account for 9,000 aircraft — most of which will be entry-level turbine helicopters. The value of those airframes is expected to chime in at about $26 billion, with a combined cost of $4 billion for engines. Still, the market, according to Rolls, will not escape near-term weakness, but should come out of that period with a resumed strength that translates into growth and strong demand by 2013. Overall, the projected 15,000 turbine helicopter deliveries are valued at some $130 billion in airframes and $12 billion in engines.

The Rolls-Royce forecast projects some 6,000 military helicopter deliveries that account for about $112 billion, eight of which represents engine value. Rolls-Royce Helicopter engines are used in some 150 models working in more than 120 nations.