Runway Marking For GA Airports, Too


On Dec. 28 the FAA released a proposed change to Advisory Circular150/5340-1J, Standard Airport Markings. The updated AC would require all 567 airports certificated under Part 139, not just the 75 large air carrier airports that are already affected, to install surface-painted holding position signs and enhanced taxiwaycenterlines. The AC would also apply to all airports receiving federal funds under the Airport Grant Assistance and the Passenger Facility Charge programs. Public comments on the proposal are due by Feb. 26, and airports would have one year from the date of the final rule to comply. Enhanced taxiway centerline markings are yellow and contain glass beads. Surface-painted holding position signs have a red background with white lettering, and are outlined in black on light-colored pavements. The proposal is part of the FAA’s recent push to reduce runway incursions and improve safety at airports. The FAA this week also released a draft of AC 150/5210-20, Ground Vehicle Operations on Airports, which proposes regular recurrent driver training for anyone with access to the movement area and ramp apron areas at all certificated airports. In 2004 the FAA issued a final rule that revised 14 CFR Part 139 and establishedcertification requirements for airports serving scheduled air carrier operations in aircraft designed for more than nine passenger seats but fewer than 31 passenger seats.