Rusty Rescued After Crash


Against incredible odds, the survivor of a plane crash in an avalanche-prone area of British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains was found unharmed Friday and rescuers were rewarded with a wag of his tail. Rusty, a border collie that was on board a Cessna 180 that went down in Yoho National Park near Golden, B.C. last Wednesday, was found near the crash site. His owner, the unidentified pilot, died in the crash. When search crews found the wreckage on an avalanche spillway on a steep slope, they found the pilot’s body inside and dog tracks leading into the forest.

The searchers looked for the dog but couldn’t find him. A Parks Canada employee found him on Friday and took him to a veterinarian for a checkup. The dog was released to relatives of the pilot on Saturday. Investigators are puzzled about the cause of the crash. The pilot was on his way from Vulcan, Alberta, to his home near Williams Lake, B.C.