This Landing Was the Pits: Image Gallery »

A number of readers were unable to view the images associated with the destruction of a C-130 that touched down at night on a runway that was (unbeknownst to the crew) undergoing a facelift. So we've stripped out the images and made them available here, for the benefit of those readers who can't view them in their native format. More

Failure is Not an Option -- Part I »

Failure of a key component of your plane like a vacuum pump or the electrical system is not optional -- it's a certainty if you fly enough hours. But failure to complete a flight safely after an electrical failure shouldn't be left to chance. A successful outcome is likely if you plan in advance. More

Risk Management For Pilots »

Why does the risk of accidents increase in the few hundred flight hours after primary flight training? Are we still not properly teaching students how to manage risk as they build experience in a variety of flight situations? AVweb presents some suggestions to get you started. More

Why Twins Crash »

Mostly it's the usual suspects: fuel, weather and runway prangs. But poor maintenance is a surprisingly big player, as Aviation Consumer reported. More

Taking the "Search" Out of "Search-and-Rescue" »

After years of bureaucratic delay, the FCC has finally approved the use of 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacons in the United States starting July 1, 2003. For less than $1,000, you can now carry technology in your flight bag or survival kit that will alert search-and-rescue agencies of your identity and exact location within five minutes. Updated August 24, 2003, with information on new PLBs from Pains Wessex. More

Why On-Demand Jet Charter Needs CRM ... NOW! »

When a Gulfstream III went down at Aspen, Colo., in 2001, it was yet another pilot-error-induced controlled flight into terrain. Aviation safety analysts have pointed out the mistakes made by the flight crew, but underlying this is a failure to require cockpit resource management training for jet charter operators. More

Cocktails & Cockpit »

Flying while intoxicated doesn't happen often, but when it does the results are usually tragic. A single DWI may point to trouble ahead in airplanes. This article appeared in the October 2002 edition of Aviation Safety and is reprinted here by permission. More

Holey Safety Net »

ELTs are there to aid rescuers, but false alarms are compounded by the fact that ELTs usually don't work when they should. This article appeared in the January 2002 edition of Aviation Safety and is reprinted here by permission. More