Safire Gives Its Jet A Facelift


Safire Aircraft, one of the growing number of GA manufacturers venturing into the light-jet market, announced last month that is has made substantial changes in the design and specifications for its personal jet program. The original S-26 light jet, with a composite airframe, will not be produced, the company said. The new design, called simply the Safire Jet, will have all-aluminum construction and be larger, heavier and faster. The change comes along with Safire’s recent selection of the Williams FJ33-4 engine as its powerplant. CEO Camilo Salomon said in a news release that the choice of engine drove the need for other changes in the overall design. “The aircraft’s structural weight had to be increased to accommodate the added weight of the engines,” he said. Safire will be the final assembler of the plane. It will buy the components and subassemblies from other companies. The company has more than 720 deposits in hand for the $1.4 million aircraft. Deliveries are slated to begin in early 2006.