Sandel Offers New Four-Inch Displays


Sandel Avionics, which made a big splash several years ago with an all-electronic horizontal situation indicator (EHSI) in a three-inch form factor and recently followed it up with a similarly sized stand-alone TAWS instrument, has introduced two new four-inch cockpit display units designed to offer turbine aircraft operators with an upgrade path away from their electromechanical units. Sandel’s new products — the SN4500 EHSI and SA4500 electronic attitude director indicator (EADI) — build on the basic backlit technology pioneered by the company’s original SN3308 EHSI and offer moving-map functionality. Both the SN4500 and SA4500 offer 360-degree readability and are based on the same four-inch product platform. “These advanced displays for turbine aircraft are a natural extension of our philosophy that the latest technology should be made available to all classes and types of aircraft, to make flying safer and more enjoyable for everybody,” said Gerry Block, Sandel’s president. Among the SN4500’s features are a wide range of interfaces to existing navigation and safety sensors, including weather radar and traffic data. The SA4500 allows either single- or split-cue options.