The Savvy Aviator #55: Is Repair A Lost Art? »

Aircraft parts are expensive, so we really should be repairing rather than replacing them whenever possible. We need to make this clear to our mechanics. More

The Savvy Aviator #52: Thinking About Oil Changes »

Changing the oil is our most frequent and routine maintenance task, so we tend to do it robotically without thought. But it's important enough that it's worth thinking about. More

The Savvy Aviator #47: Reliability-Centered Maintenance (Part 1) »

A strategy known as Reliability-Centered Maintenance has drastically reduced the cost of maintaining transport and military aircraft, while simultaneously improving dispatch reliability. Isn't it time we applied this approach to piston GA? More

The Savvy Aviator #46: Double Trouble »

When a cylinder head suffers a fatigue failure, it can really get your attention. Aluminum cylinder heads have a finite fatigue life, and several factors can reduce that life. More