The Savvy Aviator #44: Making Metal »

Uh oh! You've discovered some ferrous metal in your oil filter, and the oil analysis lab reports a big spike in iron. Is it time to panic? More

The Savvy Aviator #42: Don't Worry -- They All Do That »

Owners often bring some aircraft squawk to the attention of their A&P mechanic, only to be told that it's nothing to worry about because "they all do that" or "it's the nature of the beast." If you hear those phrases, seek an expert second opinion. More

The Savvy Aviator #41: Is Your Equipment List Up-To-Date? »

The manufacturer provided an equipment list for your aircraft when it was delivered from the factory. Whenever equipment is added or removed from the aircraft, the FAA requires that list to be revised. Is yours up-to-date? More

The Savvy Aviator #39: Temperamental Ignition »

The multi-probe digital engine monitor indicated that something wasn't right with the left engine of my Cessna Turbo 310, but it took some head scratching before I figured out exactly what the problem was. More

The Savvy Aviator #38: Aircraft Owners, Keep Out! »

It's increasingly difficult to find shops that permit owner-assisted annuals and other supervised maintenance-by-owner. That's a pity, but the reasons for it are understandable. More

The Savvy Aviator #37: Scope That Jug! »

Pulling a cylinder without first borescoping it is a lot like performing major surgery without first getting a CT or MRI. If your A&P doesn't have a borescope or doesn't know how to use one, you'd be wise to educate him ... or find another mechanic. More