The Savvy Aviator #35: Teardown Dilemma »

Owners often agonize over whether to do an engine teardown inspection after a prop strike, but the decision is really a no-brainer if you think it through logically. More

The Savvy Aviator #34: Is This Engine Airworthy? »

How do we assess whether a piston aircraft engine is airworthy? Compression tests and oil consumption are only part of the story ... a smaller part than most owners and mechanics think. More

The Savvy Aviator #33: Hangnails and Hand Transplants »

Your engine is not too far from TBO when it develops a cylinder-related problem. Your mechanic suggests you might as well "bite the bullet" and overhaul the engine now, rather than pour any more money into it. Is he giving you sound advice? More

The Savvy Aviator #31: Know Your Oleo »

Oleopneumatic shock struts -- commonly known as "oleos" -- use hydraulic fluid, compressed gas and clever engineering to absorb the impact of those occasional less-than-grease-job landings. If your airplane uses one (or three), you need to understand how they work and what maintenance they require. More

The Savvy Aviator #30: The Mechanic's Signature »

It's illegal to fly after maintenance until a mechanic signs a maintenance-record entry approving the aircraft for return to service. So what do you do if the mechanic says, "I can't sign it off"? More

The Savvy Aviator #29: Fix It Now! »

If something isn't quite right with your aircraft, don't just live with it; fix it now. Deferred maintenance often winds up being more expensive, and sometimes it's downright dangerous. More

The Savvy Aviator #28: Be Prepared »

The most exasperating aircraft mechanicals invariably occur between Friday night and Sunday afternoon when you're hundreds of miles from home. The difference between a minor annoyance and major trauma often hinges on whether you're prepared. More

The Savvy Aviator #27: Battery TLC »

Aircraft batteries are sensitive and fragile creatures, especially compared to their automotive brethren. Treat them with care and respect and they'll be there when you need them. More

The Savvy Aviator #26: Interpreting Your Engine Monitor »

The modern probe-per-cylinder digital engine monitor is a marvelous tool for keeping tabs on your engine's health and troubleshooting its maladies. Here are some tips for figuring out what those bars and digits mean. More