The Savvy Aviator #25: Buying The Right Airplane »

You're in the market to buy a used airplane. You look in Trade-A-Plane and find a lot from which to choose. AVweb's Mike Busch has some thoughts about which to consider, and which to pass by. More

The Savvy Aviator #24: Making Metal Behave »

Metal aircraft parts must satisfy a mind-boggling variety of physical properties: weight, strength, hardness, toughness, springiness, temperature and corrosion resistance, just to name a few. Here's a glimpse at how it's done. More

The Savvy Aviator #23: Maintenance Records »

Maintenance records are a pivotal element of your aircraft's maintainability and resale value. Are yours in good shape? AVweb's Mike Busch says the FAA's regulations may not be thorough enough when the time comes to sell the plane. More

The Savvy Aviator #22: The Art Of Troubleshooting »

Fixing a problem is the usually the easy part of aircraft maintenance. The hard part is figuring out what's wrong. A little troubleshooting can often save you a small fortune in unneeded parts and labor. More

The Savvy Aviator #21: Checking The Oil »

The oil in your engine lubricates, cleans and cools. If you pay attention, it also provides some of the best tools available for monitoring the health of your powerplant. More

The Savvy Aviator #19: Thwarting Corrosion »

Many of our GA aircraft were not very well corrosion-proofed during manufacture, so it's up to us as owners to keep our airframes corrosion-free. Regular application of corrosion preventive compounds can protect the parts of our airframes that the factory didn't. More

The Savvy Aviator #18: Avoid an Annual Calamity »

There are many things that can go wrong during an annual inspection, but the most critical start with an uninformed and uninvolved owner. AVweb's Mike Busch takes us through the things we could do to mess it up, and how to avoid being messed up by others. More

The Savvy Aviator #17: But It Just Came Out Of Annual! »

When an IA signs off an annual inspection, most owners assume the aircraft is airworthy and safe to fly. That's usually true, but not always. In this month's Savvy Aviator column, AVweb's Mike Busch offers a particularly egregious example. More

The Savvy Aviator #17: Photo Gallery »

Some of the discrepancies and unairworthy items found on "Oscar's" 1965 Cessna 320 Skyknight shortly after it was approved for return to service following an annual inspection at High Maintenance Aviation. (Photos by "George Goodguy," A&P/IA of "Goodguy Aircraft Maintenance.") Caution: This is a very large file -- more than 2 MB -- and could take a while to download. More