Say Again?: A Note to Readers »

Each month, AVweb publishes about a half-dozen columns on a range of aviation topics. If we do things right, these simply appear on the site, for all to read free of charge. What's less obvious is the behind-the-scenes work and thought that goes into these columns. That's another way of saying producing a monthly column isn't easy, nor is it sustainable forever. In that context, effective this month, Don Brown has ended his long-time popular column, Say Again? . More

Say Again? #71: Weather Radar »

You think all your weather problems are solved now that you have your fancy-shmancy NEXRAD in the cockpit (or, for that matter, on your air traffic controller's radar)? Then why are we losing more planes in thunderstorms than ever? AVweb's Don Brown has some ideas. More

Say Again? #70: Speaking Freely »

AVweb's Don Brown is freed from the confines of the FAA and can speak his mind -- and he's got a lot on his mind, what with massive retirements in ATC, user fees, restructuring and more. More

Say Again? #69: So Long »

AVweb's Don Brown is finally retiring from his job at the Atlanta Center radar scope. This month in his Say Again? column he looks back on 25 years of change -- or lack thereof -- in ATC and aviation. More

Say Again? #68: ATC Programming »

Does your local, stuck-in-the-past, traditionalist pilot complain about how difficult it is to use the latest glass cockpits and how "Real pilots should be able to fly with just needle, ball and airspeed"? ATC has its own technical and safety issues any time a new software version comes out, says AVweb's Don Brown. More

Say Again? #67: The Book and Beyond »

AVweb's Don Brown is a big fan of quoting "The Book," but there's more than one book to read and lots of information out there to help you become a better and safer pilot. More

Say Again? #66: Common Phraseology »

Back to basics this month. AVweb's Don Brown has some reminders on how (and why) common phraseology is not as good as clear phraseology. More

Say Again? #65: Lost Perspective »

A safety person can get a strange perspective on the world -- especially one who has seen as much as AVweb's Don Brown has. More

Say Again? #64: Flying Higher »

You wanna go high? Wanna take that single-turbroprop or new VLJ into the the rarefied air above FL240? Things are a little different there, as AVweb's Don Brown explains in this month's Say Again? column. More

Say Again? #63: A Phrase That Fits »

The FAA is trying to be a "customer service" organization -- which is all well and good unless some customers get quick service and others get 40-mile backtrack because of how they filed their flight plan. AVweb's Don Brown worries about this and other safety issues in his Say Again column. More