Say Again? #62: Too Close for Comfort »

We can learn a lot from accidents, but wouldn't it be great to learn from near accidents -- those that don't actually have to be reported? AVweb's Don Brown recently saw some dangerous situations that point out the problems with GPS, and he recounts them in this month's Say Again column. More

Say Again? #61: It's Here! »

Some of Don Brown's predictions about safety compromises caused by lack of ATC staffing are starting to come true. And if the number of planes increases (see VLJs) before the number of controllers does, we might see a hurricane of accidents and the FAA may replace FEMA as the agency of ill repute. More

Say Again? #60: ATC 303 -- Bedrock ATC »

The history, the basics and the bedrock of ATC is all about making sure two planes don't get to the same point in space at the same time. You thought the space-time continuum only had to do with Einstein? Not even close, as AVweb's Don Brown discusses in his next 300-level ATC course. More

Say Again? #59: Dear Chip »

On January 1, 2006, Warren "Chip" Jones replaced Don Brown as the Facility Safety Representative of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) at Atlanta Center. Don will continue his work as a Safety Representative for NATCA while he prepares for his upcoming retirement. Don's column this month is his advice letter to Chip. More

Say Again? #58: ATC 207 -- The ILS »

Want an easy and relatively safe way to get into an airport that's IMC? Let your friendly air traffic controller give you vectors to the localizer and take that ILS right down to your port. But could there be some subtle tricks waiting to catch you when talking to ATC? This wouldn't be a column by AVweb's Don Brown if there weren't. More

Say Again? #57: Überlingen »

A quiet night with few airplanes in the sky and tired controllers working with them. Sounds like the typical midnight shift in any air traffic control room in the world. Until the radar goes out for maintenance and the phones don't work. AVweb's Don Brown wonders whether there will be enough controllers to prevent another midair collision like the one over Überlingen, Germany. More

Say Again? #56: The More Things Change »

There is a lot of new technology coming to aviation and -- amazingly -- to air traffic control. But that doesn't mean things will get better; nor does it mean things that already work OK won't get corrupted by the latest and greatest. AVweb's Don Brown steps back from the bleeding edge of high-tech in this month's Say Again? column. More

Say Again? #55: What I Want for Christmas »

This Christmas, AVweb's Don Brown would like a few things to make his job better. Many of them are things that pilots already have, but that doesn't make it any easier to get them for Don. More

Say Again? #54: ATC 206 -- Holding »

Nobody wants to wait. Pilots in a hold are bored and yet anxious to finish the flight. But if you're in a hold, you can bet the controller is not at all bored. AVweb's Don Brown suggests ways to make holding easier and safer in the next course in his 200-series of communication classes. More

Say Again? #53: Radio Realities »

Radio communication was invented over 100 years ago. You'd think we'd be able to do it better by now, but people tend to get sloppy. And sometimes the "professional" pilots are the worst. Until we get more controllers or fewer aircraft, AVweb's Don Brown says we have to start talking better. More