Say Again? #52: Changing Culture »

Good pilots know better than to make a special request of ATC when flying in busy airspace; if the controller doesn't actually tell you off, then you'll hear the annoyance in his voice. But do you really know which areas are busiest? Things have changed and it's only going to get worse, as AVweb's Don Brown tells us in this month's column. More

Say Again? #51: Lost Communications -- NORDO -- Part 2 »

You've made it almost all the way to your destination, in the clouds and lost comm ... what now? How do you get down, and how does ATC figure out what you're going to do once you decide? AVweb's Don Brown is as confused by the rules as you are. More

Say Again? #50: Lost Communications -- NORDO -- Part 1 »

"Atlanta Center -- how do you read?" "Atlanta Center?" "Anybody?!" Lost comm can be a minor event when your flight plan follows the rules. But when you're going Direct, how can ATC get all those other planes away from you? AVweb's Don Brown takes us on a flight when you don't talk to anybody. More

Say Again? #49: Come Up a Bad Cloud »

A storm is brewing: Warm, wet air (increasing airline traffic) is about to collide with cold, dry air (decreasing air traffic controllers and FAA budget cutting) ... and the lightning spark will be all the new GPS approaches. "Storm-Tracker" (and AVweb columnist) Don Brown gives the forecast in this month's Say Again column. More

Say Again? #48: Vectoring for Fun »

IFR pilots who spend time in non-radar areas are glad to get back in "radar contact" so they don't have to spend all that time on the full approach procedures. But then come the dreaded words, "... vectors for spacing ..." AVweb's Don Brown explains why ATC likes giving vectors and why it is better and safer for pilots, too. More

Say Again? #47: On Course of Course »

When you file direct GPS, when are you on course? Seems an easy question, but not when ATC doesn't know where you're really going. And to make it worse, more and more pilots and controllers aren't using standard phraseology, meaning someone sometime soon is going to get really lost. Air traffic controller Don Brown is trying to help. More

Say Again? #46: When Things Go Wrong »

To get your IFR clearance at a non-towered field, you could call Flight Service or the local Center RCO, but you know you're gonna get a delay waiting for some arrival to cancel IFR. Just launch VFR and pick up your IFR clearance in the air, right? AVweb's Don Brown knows it isn't always that easy -- or safe -- for pilots and for controllers. More

Say Again? #45: Lies in the Dark »

AVweb's Don Brown had the opportunity to fly the airlines recently and had to deal with what someone probably would describe as an "air traffic control delay." Don thinks the FAA's newfound interest in a 10-year plan for ATC isn't going to help future delays and may even make them worse. More

Say Again? #44: Looking For Trouble »

Trouble can come from an air traffic controller who, like AVweb's Don Brown, is conscious of all the ways things can go wrong and keeps bothering his supervisors about them. Trouble can also come from a radar system that, apparently, ignores the very traffic a controller (and other pilots) want to see. Don explains all in this month's Say Again? column. More

Say Again? #43: All Points Bulletin »

Air Traffic Bulletins written for controllers may not seem important to a pilot, until you see one that starts, "A fatal aircraft crash ..." AVweb's Don Brown spends some time this month with a few points made for the benefit of controllers and, he hopes, pilots too. More