Say Again? #32: Another Year »

While other pundits are making New Years' resolutions, AVweb's Don Brown is looking back -- back to when he first became a safety representative for NATCA - the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. Sadly, the safety problems he noticed then still haven't gotten better. More

Say Again? #31: Traffic Time »

Do you know where the traffic is around you? The controller knows, and can usually tell you. But sometimes pilots make things more difficult than they need to be -- when we're just trying to keep away from everyone else. AVweb's Don Brown tells how you can work with ATC to get where you're going without running into someone. More

Say Again? #30: The Little Big Flick »

When confused about what you should be doing, it helps to have the big picture. AVweb's Don Brown freely admits he doesn't always have The Big Flick to help him understand why ATC is being run the way it is. But he wonders if those running it (or funding it) have The Big Flick either. More

Say Again? #29: Leaf Peepers (And Other Strange Critters) »

It's October, and the Leaf Peepers are out. Not some kind of birds -- they're folks flying around looking for fall colors. Wonderful way to spend the day -- and AVweb's Don Brown has a few suggestions when you want VFR traffic advisories for something other than a trip from Point A to Point B. More

Say Again? #28:
ATC 203 -- IFR Flight Plan

Everybody who flies a flight IFR has to file a flight plan. Even if it's just a pop-up clearance with ATC, there's gonna be a flight plan somewhere. But pilots (and others) are still not following the rules, and safety is being compromised. AVweb's Don Brown continues his 200-series of online IFR "courses" with this discussion of what should and shouldn't be in an IFR flight plan. More

Say Again? #27: 12 Minutes »

AVweb's Don Brown is trying something different this month: 12 minutes of fictional radio transmissions (just like those NTSB CVR transcripts) to show how a few innocent errors and omissions in communication can start to overload an air traffic controller on what sounds like a quiet shift. More

Say Again? #26: It's the Little Things »

There are a lot of big things that can kill you in aviation, and we've heard them all: T-storms, ice, marginal VFR, and runway incursions, to name a few. Sometimes insidious little things can cause even more trouble for pilots and controllers, because we haven't heard about them. AVweb's Don Brown relates a few of those in this month's Say Again column. More

Say Again? #25:
Beating the System

The more pilots try to beat the system, the more work controllers have to do to keep everybody safe. AVweb's Don Brown had a recent difficult week when Atlanta ARTCC was understaffed, under-radared, and overstressed. This kind of week will only become more common as both traffic levels and ATC retirements increase, unless everybody goes back to following the rules. More

Say Again? #24:
Biennial Review

Over two years with AVweb, Atlanta ARTCC Controller Don Brown has discussed many safety problems caused by controllers and pilots who try to bend rules they don't understand. In this review, he notes some improvements and some ongoing problems, but he still loves what he's doing. More

Say Again? #23:
May Day

It's the first of May -- spring has sprung, the birds are singing, and more planes are flying. Time to think about the unthinkable -- what to do during an emergency. AVweb's Don Brown reminds us what ATC can do to help. More