Say Again? #22:
I Dare You

Do you dare say what's really on your mind? Do you dare take a stand for what you believe in even if it's unpopular? AVweb's Don Brown took the dare and writes about his pet peeves in this month's Say Again? column. More

Say Again? #21:
ATC 103 -- VFR Cross Country

Although he has a certain affection for VFR traffic passing through his airspace, AVweb's Don Brown is sometimes surprised by what pilots know (or, more important, don't know) about the services an ARTCC can and cannot provide. Even experienced, professional pilots can learn things for when the weather is CAVU. More

Say Again? #20:
Communications — The Top Ten

There are probably a lot more than 10 problems with pilot/controller communication. But as AVweb's Don Brown tells us, if we could solve these 10, the Com frequencies would be a lot less congested, and things would be even safer. More

Say Again #19:
ATC 302 — The Hub

AVweb's Don Brown continues his 300-level series of classes by discussing the interaction of DPs and STARs and how they affect traffic flow into multiple, nearby airports. When you know some of what ATC has to consider when working heavy traffic, you can use them as an asset in your cockpit rather than an inconvenience. More

Say Again? #18:
War Stories

There are some really great things about how the U.S. military forces interact with civilian ATC. There are also some not-so-great interactions. AVweb's Don Brown has seen them all, and has a few stories to tell about them. More

Say Again? #17:
Non-Radar Daze

It all comes together. All that ranting to convince pilots and controllers to use standard, by-the-book procedures comes together when that one tool, seemingly designed just to increase efficiency, is out of service: the radar. AVweb's Don Brown reminds everyone why we need to remain current with non-radar procedures. More

Say Again? #16:
Flight Data Processing

We know what you think: The AIM is boring and needlessly pedantic, the 7110.65 used by controllers is equally complex, and neither reflects the "much more efficient" way we really fly and control. Once again, however, AVweb's Don Brown is here to show how inefficient and unsafe aviation can be when you don't follow those procedures. More

Say Again? #15:
ATC 301 — Airspace Stratums

You're a pilot, you can think in three dimensions. But can you do it as well as a controller? In this month's Say Again, AVweb's Don Brown shows us that, with a little knowledge of the various levels of airspace and how controllers use them, you can make your flight easier for both yourself and your controllers. More

Say Again? #14:
ATC 202 — Instrument Approaches

In the latest of his intermittent series of "courses" on ATC/pilot communication, AVweb's Don Brown addresses the issues we face during an instrument approach. What exactly are you required to do? How should you ask for what you want to do?  Read on ... More

Say Again? #13:
System Safety Theory and Practice

Air traffic control is in the news again, which means more people asking more questions (and making more uneducated statements). To head some of them off at the pass, AVweb's Don Brown uses this month's Say Again column to explain how the U.S. ATC system uses many layers of safety to prevent midair collisions, and what would cause it to fail. More