Securing Business Aviation


SSI Specializes In Helicopter Security Training…

As many regions in the world experience an ongoing terrorist threat, new companies are emerging to help corporate flight departments secure their assets and personnel. AVweb recently had the chance to talk with key management personnel from Security Solutions International, a Miami-based firm specializing in aviation security training. Carving out its own niche in the security industry, the company claims to be the first in the world to offer courses for helicopter crews in emergency preparedness and counter-terrorism. The courses range from dealing with terrorist attacks to guarding against alcohol and drug use. “There are numerous aspects to the importance of security in business aviation,” said Sol Bradman, SSI’s director of aviation. “The security of high-profile passengers is just one of them. At small airports, where business aviation is normally located (unless there are large commercial air carrier operations), the current security is very limited.” Bradman said there’s a need to integrate security training in today’s business aviation environment. “Anytime you are dealing with aviation the word security will today become synonymous with safety. A truly safe aviation operation can only be truly safe if it is secure.” All of SSI’s courses are conducted by company personnel and instructors from the Israeli College For Security and Investigations . Helicenter International Academy — SSI’s aviation base — is already conducting training for foreign governments and will be used for its new domestic training.