Sikorsky Issues Entrepreneurial Challenge (And Reward)


The Entrepreneurial Challenge is a competition organized by Sikorsky Innovations to promote emerging revolutionary technology in the advancement of rotorcraft, and the application period ends this fall on Oct. 10. This year’s challenge comes in the form of five questions, all of which address increased efficiencies or new technology that leads to higher or more reliable performance in flight or production. To be considered, only one of the questions need be addressed by any given applicant. The winning entrepreneurial team will earn one year’s utilization of space at Sikorsky’s Stamford Innovation Center, its mentoring programs, and business services and educational resources. It can also lead to “follow-on investment” by Sikorsky.

Whether or not Sikorsky will back a winner is a determination that will be made following the winning team’s evaluation and after a maturation period. Challenge questions range from asking entrepreneurs to address the concept of safe, high-speed manned and unmanned vehicle operations “in complex, obstacle-rich environments” to seeking cost savings and lead-time reductions through the use of 3-D printing. Initial applications will include a five-page business summary. Advancing proposals will be asked to create a 10-minute presentation before a panel, leaving at least five minutes for a question-and-answer period. All the details are available online here.