Sino Swearingen Launches Second Flight Test Aircraft


On March 6, Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation announced that its SJ30 certification program continues on track. The second new SJ30-2 conforming twinjet lifted off at 9:10 a.m. that day to join serial number (S/N) 0002 in the FAA flight test program. The SJ30-2 is a new high-performance, seven-seat twinjet being readied for worldwide distribution.At the controls was Chuck Walls, a former USAF test pilot who was chief test pilot for the McDonnell Douglas C-17 flight test program from 1990-1997. Carroll Beeler, Sino Swearingen’s chief test pilot, flew the right seat. During the flight, several tests were conducted including handling, stability, control, powering each engine back to idle, turns, banks and general maneuvering of the aircraft for feel as well as takeoff and landing characteristics. After the flight, Walls stated, “The SJ30-2 handled very well and felt very comfortable throughout all testing conditions.” The test flight was a big boost for Sino Swearigen, as the manufacturer is experiencing the same sales slump, as it competitors. In a press release, Dr. Carl L. Chen, President & CEO of Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporations, said, “Today’s flight is another huge boost to the company and the FAA certification program. In a short time we will have a third aircraft flying, as S/N 0004 is soon due to be added to our fleet of certification aircraft.” Dr. Chen added, “We are also installing ground- to-air telemetry to help complete the FAA flight testing in a substantially shorter time.” The SJ30-2 flight test program utilizes three aircraft. S/N 0002 (already flying) is being used primarily for aerodynamics and handling qualities. The second test aircraft, S/N 0003, will be used principally for hot- and cold-weather testing, flight into known icing, pressurization and all systems tests, as well as avionics, autopilot and instrumentation testing. The third flying aircraft, S/N 0004, is almost ready to be turned over to flight test. It will be used for testing systems and avionics similar to S/N 0003. S/N 0005, a customer’s aircraft, is under construction in the company’s Martinsburg, W. Va., facility. The new SJ30-2 business jet is being marketed as a high-performance, long-range, intercontinental, seven-place twinjet with an incredible 2,500-nm NBAA IFR range. The single-pilot-certified SJ30-2 will reportedly cruise at speeds in excess of Mach .80, and will have an Mmo of Mach .83. It will operate at altitudes up to 49,000 feet and will maintain a “sea-level cabin” to 41,000 feet, with the highest pressurization differential in the business jet world: 12.0 psi.