Dumbest CTAF Phraseology »

In Brainteaser Quiz #163, we asked, "What is the dumbest phraseology you routinely hear on CTAF?" About 100 AVweb readers responded, and we have the results. More

Quest to Replace the Ramp Rat »

In Brainteaser Quiz #162, we asked, "Now that ICAO has eliminated 'ramp' from the aviation lexicon, what do we call the kid who runs the fuel truck, since we can no longer use the term 'ramp rat'?" Here are the results. More

A Male Pilot in Unknown Territory — The Story of the Women's World Formation Freefall Record by a Hopeless Male Pilot »

Click to read the full story and see more pics Jump For The Cause (JFTC) just set a record on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009, for the largest female-only formation parachute jump of 181 women. Not being female and not being a skydiver, Dr. Brent Blue decided to tag along anyway. Good thing, too, since Brent learned quite a bit logging air time with several dozen parachuting women and one talking lamb. More