A Pilot's History: Chap. 8 -- Call To Duty »

After a few years with startup airlines, Carl Moesly gets a callback from Uncle Sam. This time he helps paratroopers jump and cargo planes find their way in Greenland. More

A Pilot's History: Chap. 7 -- Air Races »

Aviation got a big boost from ex-military pilots and aircraft after WWII, especially in air races, as Carl Moesly recounts in this history. More

A Pilot's History: Chap. 6 -- Peace and Civil Aviation »

Post-WWII America seemed like a great place and time to be an ex-military pilot: Just join one of dozens of new startup airlines. When that one goes bankrupt, join another ... and another ... More

A Pilot's History: Chap. 5 -- The Hump »

The war is over, but Carl Moesly's work with the Army isn't done. He has to fly over the Himalayas into China ... and there are still Japanese soldiers there. More

A Pilot's History: Chap. 4 -- Path To Victory »

As the Japanese military is pushed back, Carl Moesly and his crews have to land in zero/zero island weather, as he recounts in the fourth chapter of his flying career. More

A Pilot's History: Chap. 1 -- Flight Training »

This month AVweb presents the first chapter in the career of Carl Moesly, who learned to fly prior to World War II, flew in the Pacific theater of that war and then in the Korean War, moved around to various airlines, and finished in corporate flight positions. More

First Solo Stories »

Last week in AVweb's Brainteaser we invited readers to submit short stories about their first solo flights. The response was so overwhelming we can't publish them all, but here are a few for your enjoyment. Congratulations to all who have ever soloed! More

Chicken Wings »

Aviation humor from the Roost-Air FBO! The Chicken Wings cartoonists try to keep it not too technical, yet accurate enough to amuse aviators and aviation fans alike. So if you're a professional pilot or just an air-show visitor, you should be able relate to these stories. A new strip every week. More