Through a Child's Eyes — A Green Car and a Yellow Airplane »

Some of us don't remember when we first got interested in airplanes and flight seems like it's been a part of us from day one. Brett Justus, though, remembers very vividly some scenes from early childhood that got him started on the road to pilothood. More

Y is for Yak »

Slipping away from her duties to check out a P-40 Warhawk at a Commemorative Air Force gathering, Sherry Ditmer happens upon a Russian plane she's seen doing aerobatics before. After spending quality time with this unusual beast, she has a newfound love for the penultimate letter of the alphabet. More

Interphone Overkill »

AVweb's Phil Rowe reminds us when to go easy on the interphone chatter. More

Strapping on an F-16 »

Supersonic speeds, 9-G turns, and 600 knots at less than 1000 AGL. The stuff of dreams or nightmares, depending on your point of view. But it was a dream come true for a young Air Force crewmember. More

A Great Ride in a PBY »

Twin-engine amphibian unusual today, but not unknown. But one built in 1943 and still flying? Rarer still. Burns 150 gallons per hour, and maneuvers ponderously like a ship even when off the water. Flying one is probably a once-in-a-lifetime treat for most of us. More

Reno Rare Bear »

After waiting out IFR weather that stayed until the last possible moment, Sherry Ditmer leapt into the blue skies to visit the mighty Rare Bear racer, which was being prepared for the races at Reno. Leaving Stead, she found herself unable to resist a quick trip around the race course. In anticipation of the coming races, we present her story. More

It's the Filling That Counts »

Sometimes a gift can come in the form of an utterly impossible set of situations. The time constraints faced by a small-business owner and his pilot wife lead to a five-day adventure. But can adventure be found in delighted moments, rather than "I'll never do that again" experiences? More

Lest We Forget »

On this, the anniversary of the founding of the United States, we take a moment to listen to a story passed on by an aviator who spent several years in a German prison camp, after being shot down while on a mission to protect the free world. It is a tale of both humor and tragedy, and reminds us of the bonds that brings all aviators together. More

The Wright Experience »

Through meticulous research in both history and aerodynamics, Ken Hyde and his team of "aeronautical archeologists" seek to uncover new details on the Wright brothers and their quest to fly. Join AVweb's Peter Yost as we tour the facilities of The Wright Experience, meet the team preparing to re-create the Wright brothers' flight exactly 100 years later, and learn some of what it was like to be an aviation pioneer. More

Wind Wrestling in a Cub »

In an earlier article, Rob Guglielmetti described his feelings as he clambered into a 1945 Piper J-3-65 Cub for the first time. Well, time marches on and so has Rob's Cub flying. In his follow-up article, Rob takes a look at life in the back seat when the weather gets nasty and the wind kicks sand in your face. If you enjoyed the last article, don't miss this one. More